Pacific World Trade, Inc.

Welcome to Pacific World Trade, Inc. 

Pacific World Trade, Inc.  (PWT) is a privately-owned, diversified company that has been in operation since 1986.  PWT is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and has three offices in China beginning with its Beijing office in 1986. 
PWT is engaged in three distinct types of business activities: 
  • Global supply and distribution:   PWT has extensive operations in China and manufactures a wide variety of products for sale and distribution to its customers in the U.S.  PWT also exports products to the China market.
  • Consulting  PWT offers three types of consulting services:
    1.  To state and city governments for the promotion of export trade to China and for the recruitment of Chinese foreign direct investment opportunities in the U.S and sponsors trade missions of cities and companies to China.
    2.  To U.S and Chinese companies that request assistance in opening new markets or solving specific trade issues.
       3.  To U.S clients that require, prior to shipment from China, final inspection and quality 
        control services for products manufactured by Chinese suppliers.
  • Nuclear waste technologies (PNS)


 Pacific Nuclear Solutions (PNS is a division of PWT that specializes in the pre-treatment and final treatment of radioactive liquid waste generated during the entire nuclear cycle.  The technology, called Nochar, solidifies liquid waste that can be safely transported and delivered for final storage or incinerated.  PNS is the exclusive agent for international nuclear markets for Nochar and provides waste treatment services to nuclear power plants, weapons facilities and labs, institutes, and decommission sites.  PNS works in Russia, U.K, France, China , Romania and serveral other countries.